Why Colon Detox?

A good health starts in the colon

It is known for centuries that doctors tell you “your health starts in your colon”. If the basis of the health of a tree is its roots, then the human equivalent is the colon. When the roots of a tree are unhealthy, the tree cannot be saved. This to a marked degree also works for a human being, but in that case for the system of the colon.

Through our colon system we are absorbing our nutrition

When this is not working well, or when the colon is polluted, the body absorbs little, incorrect or polluted material, with all the resultant trouble. When things go wrong in the colon, the rest of the body is being confronted with the results. Everything one then tries to handle in regards of the health of the rest of the body ends up solely as being the treatment of symptoms and is doomed to fail.

Good Health through detoxification

The debris which is stored in the colon is also called toxins. Not cleaning the colon can have the result of increased dosages of toxins which can have disastrous consequences for our health.

Many people have taken steps to try to get the colon performing better. The term “detoxification” is very popular nowadays and rightly so.

Biofilm, the unhealthy mucoid layer

Harmful bacteries are accumulating and form a biofilm, an unhealthy mucoid layer in the protuberances. Often Biofilm often contains fungi and virusses, next to bacteries. The presence of Biofilm is dehydrating the gut wall so it gets irritated. Nutrition but also medicins, are not absorbed well as a result, while fungi and virusses do penetrate in the blood. This process can cause inflammatory reactions, hypersensitivity and obesity.

The gut wall is somewhat inflamed with most people in the Western World and they have an unhealthy mucoid layer.


BioCleansing makes it possible to get rid of the unhealthy biofilm at home in a safe, simple and comfortable manner.

The main ingredient is a fermented bark of the Oil-PalmTree, which has the characteristic to be able to penetrate the unhealthy mucoid layer in the colon and hydrate it. Other ingredients hydrate the gut wall, so this gets “ hydrated” . This causes the unhealthy biofilm not being able to attach itself to the gut wall and simply comes sliding out

Other methods of colon cleansing

Up to now there have been no products or methods on the market that could ensure the whole colon system to be cleaned in an effective and comfortable way.

Most products previously worked with ingredients that had a rubbing effect and therefore could cause cramps and diarrhea. Next to this unpleasant side effect these products also do not work well so after a very unpleasant period of trying the cleanse the colon, the person is not even getting the desired result.

Then there is the method of colon cleansing with water which is however very effective, but just for the colon. The small intestine and the duodenum are left unhandled.

So you can conclude no single product up to now has been on the market that did not have these adverse effects.

Benefits of a clean colon

A clean colon helps you to get more out of healthy nutrition because the food is being absorbed better. The immune system is working better, you lose extra centimeters and you feel fit and vital again.


  • Cleans the WHOLE colon system
  • Very effective
  • Permanent energy
  • More slim abdominal circumference
  • Easy to use
  • Increased metabolism
  • Comfortable
  • 100% natural

“To my surprise I was not feeling hungry during this cure. An extra advantage is that I lost 7 kg and fit my clothes better. When I saw my own biofilm, I also felt more clean. After the cure I am sleeping half an hour less per night and have more energy to do the things I like.”